Pioneer JA-R2s SPEC Rack dimensions

I have had few request for dimensions, so there we go. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more details. Rack is made of metal and MDF boards. Wheels are plastic. Front wheels with lockable break. Hope this will help to those who wants to build their own rack as they are getting quite rare these days.


Vintage audio gear restoration

Must see videos for those, who would like to start restoring vintage audio gear. Pioneer SX-850 Receiver Restoration Is this my longest video ever? LOL. This was a tough one! Note that the video may seem to jump around at a couple points. There was a couple times that I had taken things back apart…


DIY Sandbox isolation table

This was my first attempt at building an isolation platform – sandbox. Design layed out before stepping into the garage to start. 3/4″ MDF cut and then final assembly . Painted with Krylon Semi-Flat black and then weathered stone finish. Topped off with six coats of semi-gloss Deft. Here is the pebble finish. The color…