Pioneer HPM-100 Speaker stands

I dared to make my version of stands for HPM-100, thanks to Rob. of AK for inspiration and measurements. He has been inspired by stands of Kentrick Sound of Japan and they Have been inspired by Pioneer CP-45 vintage stands (year 1977). Mine are made of chip boards with Walnut veneer. Weights 15 kg / 33 Lbs. each. Stands will be finished in high gloss yacht varnish. 20mm Cork pads used as anti resonant and anti-scratch material from top / bottom side.
They will be supported by isolation granite plinth 410x390x30mm black absolute, polished edges. Weight 13 kg / 30 Lbs. each.

Lies, damn lies and audio gear specs

Lies, Damn Lies, and Audio Gear Specs

This is a video version of Ethan Winer’s workshop “Lies, Damn Lies, and Audio Gear Specs” from the October 2013 AES show in New York City. Panelists are Ethan Winer, Mike Rivers, Scott Dorsey, and David Moran. This video explains how the fidelity of audio equipment is assessed and measured, and is an offshoot of his book The Audio Expert.

“Ethan is my new hero. There is an incredible amount of snake oil in the audio industry. Acoustics are mainly straight forward science that can be measured and expressed in scientifically accepted units.”

ESA ESTEC Noordwijk

Most powerful sound system in Europe

Large European Acoustic Facility This is the most powerful sound system in Europe – but no human being could survive hearing it at maximum output. Engineer Kees van Zijtveldt is standing beside the largest sound horn of ESA’s Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF), capable of subjecting satellites to the same noise a launcher produces as…

Pioneer HPM-100 restoration

Pioneer HPM-100 loudspeakers restoration

Please watch a video to know more: Restoration of vintage loudspeakers Pioneer HPM-100 designed by Bart Locanthi and his team. These are 100W version. Speakers were carefully restored and upgraded. My main goal was to keep them as original as they could be. I bet they could sound even better with the mod and crossover…